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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I read alicublog every day because Roy comes up with lines like this after slogging through a couple of mind-bogglingly stupid pro-war posts from a couple of A-list bloggers:

How these people wash their hair without their skulls caving in is beyond me.

Heh. Indeed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Steve Gilliard rattles off a long laundry list of reasons not to support Hillary Clinton for President. I agree completely:

  • Only 72 percent of Americans will vote for a woman
  • Hilary Clinton is the most detested politician outside of the Bush Administration
  • So detested, her name is a punchline in most of America
  • She can't campaign for Dems outside the Far West and Northeast
  • She has zero legislative accomplishments.
  • She supported the Iraq war
  • She has no national security experience
  • She has no defining political philosophy

Steve continues:

I think the Clinton campaign is a house of cards. When she is pressed hard and expected to actually take controversal stands, she is going to falter. She is a cautious politician, who despite all of her experiences, does not gauge the antipathy she faces on the left and the middle.

There isn't a chance in hell I would support Clinton, or to be honest, Obama, in a primary at this point. Neither has done more than talk and that will not cut it when we have to salvage our reputation and foreign policy.

For the record, I think Wes Clark, Bill Richardson, or John Edwards would all be much better candidates. Clark in particular has the military experience necessary to deal with the mess that Bush is leaving overseas and the solid populist beliefs to handle the U.S. economy in a just and fair way. My dream ticket, in fact, would be Clark/Richardson.