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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This really is worse than Watergate. Sen. Schumer:

Make no mistake about it: This has become as serious as it gets. Just when we thought our faith could not be shaken any further, it has been.

At the very beginning, I was clear that something didn't smell right, but I had no idea how high it went. The latest revelations prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there has been unprecedented breach of trust, abuse of power and misuse of the Justice Department. And that is very serious and very important.

The U.S. attorneys are in their own districts the lead enforcer of the rule of law, without fear or favor.

When you see the picture, the symbol of the eagle holding the arrows above every Justice Department office throughout the land, it stands for fair, unbiased, nonpolitical justice being rendered.

And yet that has been called into question by a series of blunders, missteps and abuse of power in the Justice Department.

This weekend I called for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down. Today's staff resignation does not take heat off the attorney general. In fact, it raises the temperature. Kyle Sampson will not become the next Scooter Libby, the next fall guy.

Only two questions remain: What did the president know? And when did he know it?

Go read Schumer's entire remarks. It's basically the rough draft of the Articels of Impeachment.